Wooden Windows

Flush Casement windows

BMB Flush Casement windows, unlike stormproof, have a sash that closes directly into the frame and therefore sits flush within the outer window frame. This design is evident in many period houses where the original windows still exist.

BMB Flush Casement Window - light stain on oak, period ironmongeryNow with the drive towards energy conservation the design of the flush casement has been modernised to make it much more energy efficient. This includes larger rebates to accommodate double glazing, draught sealing, and the use of high security multi-point locking hardware. As with all our windows the timber used is multi-layered engineered timber and as standard, the windows are double-glazed with an enhanced insulating glass which is filled with argon gas, resulting in a centre pane U-value of under 1.1 W/m2K.

The windows are available with or without glazing bars and are available in standard sizes or can be made-to-measure. Detailed drawings to illustrate your exact requirements are available on request.

Standard key features:


  • Constructed using European Oak, Meranti or treated Pine.
  • Multi-layered laminated sections (also known as 'engineered sections') help to eliminate seasonal movement and warping.

BMB Flush Casement - front view


  • Espagnolettes multi-point locking.
  • Locking handle.


  • 4-16-4 low e argon filled double glazing fitted, as standard, giving a centre pane value of under 1.1 W/m2K.


  • Fully finished with micro-porous high performance paint or translucent stain with UV protection.
  • Any choice of colour paint from the RAL colour system is available.
  • All finishes are tested under severe conditions to ensure extremely long outdoor resistance and low maintenance.


  • Espagnolette locking handles fitted as standard.
  • Choice of white, bronze, silver, brass or black.



  • Stainless steel high security butt hinges fitted, as standard.


  • Trickle ventilation supplied to comply with Part F of the building regulations, where required.

Weather strip

  • Performance weather seals fitted as standard.

Non standard options:


  • Toughened, laminated, obscured and self-cleaning glazing options available.


  • We offer the option of dual painting. e.g. different colours inside and out.


  • Colour options on standard design handle include: satin chrome, mirror chrome and gold.
  • Period ironwork handles such as Monkey Tails, in either wrought iron or pewter, are available on request.


  • Safety/childproof catches available on request (restricts the opening of the window).
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