What are the benefits of Timber windows?

What are the benefits of Timber windows?


Such a difficult decision that many homeowners face when they begin to renovate their home or start a self-build project is to choose a proper window material. Nowadays became popular to install uPVC windows by reason of its price and availability. But at the same time, owners of a property, made in the traditional style prefer timber windows.


What’s the difference between this two basic materials - we are about to call into question today.


Weighing up all the advantages and disadvantages is not an easy task either but we are sure, that the results of the recent case-study by Dr Gillian Menzies, PhD of the Institute for Building and Urban Design at Heriot Watt University will help us to figure everything out.


The results provide direct comparisons for a range of timber window products manufactured to Wood Window Alliance (WWA) standards against uPVC windows in mild, moderate and severe conditions.


We hope indeed this report represents the clear environmental benefit of choosing timber windows as well as the financial benefit.

  • Absolutely not surprisingly, that all timber window frames are more ECO-friendly than uPVC windows

  • In all tests timber windows show us a service life of at least twice longer than of uPVC windows. To compare the life-service limitation you can look at the statistic’s results below:

  1. Timber window products - over the 70 years of service life

  2. uPVC windows - 5-10 years of service life on condition of proper care

  • Designed to meet the demands of actual environmental problems, produced from the highest quality wood, Timber windows, especially made from such types of wood like oak, timber windows become energy efficient, easy to maintain, what actually provides you the highest level of security, warm keeping and helps to lower the costs of utilities.

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