What is acoustic glass?

Noise pollution is a growing environmental concern and nuisance, especially in urban areas. Even the background noise of 70 decibels caused by outside traffic can cause disturbance and stress over a continued period of time. Acoustic glass technologies have been developed to combat levels of unwanted noise, whether it be for a translator’s booth, a house located near a busy road or an office next to the airport.

Acoustic glass considerably reduces outside noise, especially near busy areas such as motorways, main roads and airports.

Acoustic glass consists of two or more sheets of glass, bonded together with one or more acoustic interlayers: Double glazing window (DGW). DGW also provides insulation from rain impact noise. It can be used for interior sound insulation needs, such as office partitions and meeting rooms.The acoustic glass within a double-glazed unit comprises a special interlayer which acts as a dampening core to prevent sound frequencies from vibrating from one pane of glass to the other. This absorbs and weakens sound energy, helping to act as a barrier to noise. Interestingly, by varying the thickness of the sheets of glass, even better sound insulation can be achieved. Acoustic laminated glass also benefits from all the safety and security properties of standard laminated glass.

Designing with acoustics

Designing with acoustics in mind is just like any other part of the design process—you need to start with the basic system requirements. Some of the first questions to consider are “Where will the sound come from?” “And how much sound is there? These questions are important because the sound reduction properties of materials, including glass, vary depending on the wavelength of the sound occurring around the material.

The following factors are involved in the selection process:

1. Determine the glazing system that has the best noise reduction properties.
2. When using monolithic glass, increasing the glass thickness can help.
3. When using laminated glass, you can increase the glass thickness or use different glass thicknesses for individual glass lites.

How Acoustic glass looks like

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